Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Campaigning resumes with last minute rhetoric

images (17)Both Mutt and Barry are done playing nice.

Hurricane Sandy slowed both candidates campaigning efforts, but now it’s time to continue that desperate search for the elusive undecided voter!

I doubt if there is still such a creature (an undecided voter) out there in any of the so-called Swing States.

At this point, Obama's next publicly advised campaign events are set for tomorrow, when the president is scheduled to make a three-state campaign swing with stops in Las Vegas, Boulder, Colo., and Springfield, Ohio.

Today’s campaign schedule resembles a more traditional agenda for candidates just six days before an election. Vice President Joe Biden is set to make stops in Florida, and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan is scheduled to campaign in his native Wisconsin.

Did I mention it’s only six days to Election Day?

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