Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bob Dylan calls the winner before the election: Obama is re-elected

How about that? Dylan was right.
Call him a musical Nate Silver. Bob Dylan predicted Monday night at a Wisconsin concert that President Obama would win today’s election by ”a landslide,” the AP reports.
I certainly wish President Obama the best. It was a close race -up to a point- then Obama whipped out a can of whoop-ass (Ohio) and that’s all she wrote!
The Republicans would have done better with Daffy Duck…but hey! What do I care? I don’t mind losing either…hell, I’m a gracious loser. Let’s see what Mutt and his cronies have to say after the dust settles. Think they’ll be gracious losers?
Vegas odds say, Romney whines like a sissy and runs home to spend quality time with his rich friends. He might even take up a new hobby.
Meanwhile, I gotta believe there’s some pissed off millionaires and billionaires who sunk a lot of money into Mutt’s coffers…with no return! I hear casino Tycoon Sheldon Anderson flipped out over $53 million to pull Mutt’s cords when he was elected president.
He’s gonna want something for that money Mutt.
Long live the new president!

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