Friday, August 28, 2009

Is a revolution brewing in Japan?

Are we going to be losing another international partner?

Does all of this upcoming upheaval this coming Sunday bode ill for America? It looks like the Japanese are tired of playing second fiddle to anyone.

After all, they have the second largest economy on the planet! History appears to be in the making… 

“Japan's election this Sunday may be the first in its postwar history in which voters directly turn out a sitting government. For a parliamentary democracy that muddled along for decades under virtual one-party rule, this would be a political revolution, much like Mexico's ouster of its longtime ruling party, the PRI, in 2000.

But the expected winner, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ), may also usher in a second revolution once it is firmly in control: Revising the country's close ties with the United States and shedding many postwar shackles in hopes of turning Japan into a "normal" nation – one that can say "no" to the US.

Despite having the world's second largest economy, Japan has been held back in becoming a global leader by a scarcity of real competition in its politics.”

Click here to read the whole article at The Christian Science Monitor

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