Sunday, June 26, 2011

Another Applicant for my Campaign Manager job

The search for the right campaign manager has taken longer than I anticipated.

The most recent applicant, Leghorn Longhorn, turned in a compelling resume.

He stressed, throughout our interview, what a smooth talker he is. For years now he’s been eluding a determined chicken hawk through clever ruses.

Just the kind of experience I need. With his homey southern accent, Leghorn will be able to reach the voters in the south by telling them tales of the good old days.

Let’s face it, chicken is a staple for voters in the deep south. They won’t be able to resist his southern charm. I’m not as concerned with the northern states. It’s the south that’s going to present the biggest challenge. How to reach those rednecks with their southern tradition of denial of facts, shouldn’t be too hard for Leghorn.

He’s long on hot air and bullshit stories that I predict will attract Confederate southern voters. I rated him a front-runner with Speedy Gonzales right after the interview.

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