Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Back from campaigning: who the world is Jon Huntsman, why would someone back Backmann?


After a nationwide tour, I’m back to my home base/campaign headquarters today and I have two questions:

1.) Who is Jon Huntsman and why does he think he would make a good president?

The Answer from Mr. Answer: He’s the result of an idea created in a focus group of swing voters and is really a Hologram produced by the Mormon Church. Just kidding! Ha! Ha!

His platform is optimistic, and he’s the only non-confrontational Republican in the race thus far. I don’t expect him to do well against his fellow Greed Only Party (GOP) competitors because he actually make sense at times.  

He also promised a civil campaign. Wow! Can you imagine that? It waits to be seen if he follows through with that promise, but it just may give him enough of a boost to make a fair run at the primary. Being Mormon will be a setback because most Mormons are supporting Mitt Romney as their “Chosen One.”

 2.) Who would back Backmann? She’s crazy as a loon and wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her on the ass!

The Answer from Mr. Answer:

backmann is nuts

Michele (bug eyes) Backmann

The answer is simple: other crazy loons who hold tea party’s and are not concerned with reality. Her supporters are looking to turn the clock back to the “Good Old days.”

Good for the whites in this country, but not so good for minorities, and the poor. Yes, those were the days when Jim Crow laws were the norm and you were right if you were white!

Now this poster princess (Sarah Palin’s still the Queen) for extremism - and lies to advance a career - plans on officially announcing her run for the presidency Monday (6/27) after four months of hinting she would.

Some fact-checking on Bachmann since 2009. Here’s 23 statements she’s made and how they rate on the “Truth-O-Meter.” Here's how the tally breaks down:

True 1

Mostly True 0

Half True 2

Barely True 4

False 9 

Pants on Fire 7


Here's a summary of some of Bachmann's statements that were rated on the “Truth-O-Meter.”

(Browse all the statements rated.)

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