Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Interviews for my campaign manager: #4 candidate – Elmer Fudd

I have to admit Fudd’s resume was pretty impressive.

He’s shown that he can hang with the NRA crowd by carrying his shot gun everywhere he goes.

He also has the support of naturists and enviros because he’s never killed anything. Sure he tried for decades, but the guy’s a lousy shot.

His smooth speaking voice and humble attitude would be an asset in getting votes for me. The Christian Right even likes Fudd whose rumored to carry around a mini-bible inside his jacket.

Another plus for Fudd is I wouldn’t have to hire any security because of his gun-toting ways. I’d just have to realize that he can’t hit the side of a barn, but looks impressive lugging that 12-gauge around.

Fudd’s ability to recognize rascals will be a great asset in exposing any of my competition’s weaknesses. He certainly photogenic and his smile wins people over.  

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