Saturday, June 25, 2011

Waiting for the main act: when will Bachmann and Perry square off?

Bachmann and Perry in a tree,

Wouldn’t it be fun to watch them disagree?

First comes the fight,

quite a sight,

Then comes the rhetoric and lies,

followed by cream pies!

backmann is nuts 

 I’m waiting for Texas Gov. Rick Perry to jump into the presidential race.

Even though Bachmann and Perry would be going after the same market, that hard-core space in the GOP is large enough to prolong the fight for a while.

A Perry-Bachmann fight for supremacy among social conservatives and tea party Republicans would be entertaining and worth the price of admission to that circus act.

The potential for Perry and Bachmann to suck all the conservative oxygen out of the campaign is great, and their rivals for the right side of the GOP bracket, such as businessman Herman Cain and former Sen. Rick Santorum, will have to fight for attention.

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