Monday, July 25, 2011

A break from campaigning today so I can share a child’s observations of politicians…

By Dave Stancliff

Tour of the Senate:

Child: Look at all the clowns behind the partitions.
Mom: It’s not nice to point at people, and they’re not clowns, they’re politicians.

Child: But they all have big smiles from ear-to-ear…

Mom: I just don’t know where you come up with these things my dear.

At the Town Hall Meeting:

Child: What game are those politicians playing?

Mom: Not games child, they’re praying.

Child: Why do their eyes bug out like that when they talk?

Mom: That’s how they show us they walk-the-walk.

At the Church:

Child: Why do the politicians sit up in the front row?

Mom: To show how pious they are if you must know.

Child: How come their lips don’t move when they sing?

Mom: Must you know everything?

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