Sunday, July 24, 2011

Thoughts on upcoming Iowa GOP Beauty Contest - aka Straw Poll


I never was one much for beauty contests. They’re too contrived.  Politics seem to slip seamlessly into the process and the lucky Beauty selected is beholden to a bunch of sponsors.

I guess that’s why it’s difficult for me to get excited about the August 13th Beauty Contest GOP Presidential Straw Poll in Iowa.

The final straw in my decision not to follow the results of this poll is the fact that Gov. Rick Perry isn’t going to be a contestant!


I mean, how can you let a Rabid Righter like him out of the lineup? It’s just not right (pun intended).

In a recent Pew Institute study, coach potatoes were found to be a group of voters that could easily be influenced by good-looking candidates. That means this GOP Beauty Contest could really be a deciding factor for someone in getting the GOP nomination.

75124261-us-congresswomanI suspect the immediate front runner will be bug-eyed Michele Bachman wearing a chastity belt under a plain white dress with red and blue piping.

Without Pretty Boy Perry to counter her angelic looks with his Bible-thumping profile, the contest may be over before it get’s started. I’m just guessing of course.


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