Thursday, August 25, 2011

Campaign talking points: I’m against extremists


Every now and then, someone asks me about where I stand on various issues. I always explain that I stand on my two feet. If they’re insistent and specific on an issue…I address it.

Today the issue is about extreme politics and the extremists who are polarizing our government. No use mincing words here, we’re talking about the Republican Party. Since they’ve crawled into bed with the Tea Party crowd our system of government has almost ground to a halt.

The contrived debt ceiling crisis revealed how torn apart the GOP is. They’ve basically got an extreme minority among them – the tea Party lovers - calling the shots in Congress. How the hell could that have happened you ask? Actually every major government in the world is wondering the same thing. The credibility of democracy is on the line and when Congress meets again everyone is going to be watching the Republicans to see if the saga continues.

If it does…it’s really going to get ugly as our economy is downgraded by the international communities fears of our gridlock in Washington D.C.

So, let me be clear: I’m against extremists who try to hold our system of government hostage. Therefore, I’m against the Tea Party. That doesn’t mean the rest of the GOP or the Democrats are off the hook however…they better get off their collective asses and start representing the people who put them there (and I’m not talking about Super Pacs or corporations).

I’m talking about a really underrepresented middle class who are getting increasingly pissed off with the games our lawmakers play. How pissed off? A recent Poll found disapproval of Congress at all-time high and why not? The clowns are busy playing partisan patty cake while the people suffer.

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