Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why Jon Huntsman doesn’t stand a chance

Once upon a time politicians didn’t stand a chance if they were total lunatics.

Not so now. GOP candidates don’t have to be sane to get votes!

“New PPP polling in Iowa shows that the Republican candidate who has been calling out his fellow Republicans for their far right wing insanity isn’t catching on with Iowa Republicans: Jon Huntsman has a -27 favorable rating (40% unfavorable vs. just 13% favorable) among GOP voters in Iowa.

These poor numbers for Huntsman aren’t too surprising when you see that 32% of Iowa Republicans believe the baseless conspiracy theory that Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States, while just 35% of them know that evolution is a scientific fact, and only 21% believe that global warming is real (it is a fact that global temperatures are on the rise.)

How can a sane candidate do well in a primary when so many incredibly irrational uninformed voters make up the core of his party’s electorate?

While Huntsman is struggling, Rick Perry is doing very well. Perry has taken the lead in Iowa with 22%. His illiterate Texas cowboy shtick appears to be playing well with the type of people who think George W. Bush was such a good President that we need another guy just like him (except to be fair to Bush, Perry makes W look brilliant.)”


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