Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Hit singles by pandering politicians


Mitt Romney is leading the Republican candidates in early fundraising and early polls. Now he's just got to straighten out his positions before the end of summer vacation.

Help Me Fake It to the Right 


The tea party members in Congress have gotten their colleagues' attention, if not their respect, in holding the GOP and the country hostage during the self-created debt-ceiling crisis. Even though 86% of House members are not part of the Tea Party Caucus, that's no reason for Speaker John Boehner to spoil their fun.

Fun Fun Fun 'Til Obama Takes Our Tea Bags Away


Herman Cain is trying to stand out from the pack of Republican presidential candidates by making freedom of religion a defining issue of his campaign. He's against it. Cain says that Americans have the right to ban other Americans from building mosques, whether it's in Tennessee or New York City. Muslims haven't shown a lot of support for his candidacy...but neither has anyone else.

New York, No Pork  

From the album Desperate Housemembers (2011)


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