Wednesday, September 28, 2011

73% of Americans Support Obama’s Buffett Rule

While Republican politicians are against it, 73% of Americans support President Obama’s “Buffett Rule” which would make sure that millionaires pay at least as much in taxes as those in the middle class.

Only 16% are against the Buffett Rule and 11% haven’t made up their mind or have no opinion. 73% in favor vs. just 16% against; This is overwhelming popular support for a plan that makes obvious sense and would help cut the deficit by over a trillion dollars and yet the Republicans are still standing in the way.

Just like they are standing in the way of the American Jobs Act which would create 1.9 million new American jobs.

While the Republicans are protecting millionaires from paying their fair share of taxes and standing in the way of new nearly two million American jobs, they are also blocking a payroll tax cut that would allow all working people in the US take home a bigger share of their paycheck.                                     source

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