Sunday, October 2, 2011

Today is the day that God will instruct Tea Party Preachers on Politics and who to vote for

Their calling it Pulpit Freedom Sunday. Radical Right preachers are  bringing politics to the pulpit today. They’re damning the separation of church and state and shedding any pretense about their unholy desire to insert Christianity into positions of power.  

The whole thing is a form of biblical bait. A scheming effort by some churches to goad the Internal Revenue Service into court battles over the divide between religion and politics.

But why do that you ask? Aren’t the churches afraid of losing their non-profit status?

In a nutshell…no. That’s because the IRS doesn’t enforce the 1954 law prohibiting non-profits, such as churches, and their leaders from engaging in political campaigning as a violation of the First Amendment.

Don’t get me wrong however. These radical preachers want a court confrontation and hope to change things. They believe that if they can get their case into court that it might make it to the Supreme Corporate Court where the conservative majority would side with them. They want to put their religion smack dab in the middle of American politics in a naked power play. No more plotting behind closed confessional doors for their ilk.

The Tea Party movement is the collective ego version of the fire-and-brimstone preacher yelling, “My way or the highway!” The marriage of the Tea Party and the these churches could negatively impact our whole political system if allowed to play a major role in this presidential campaign.

In a CNN/ ORC International Poll released on Sept. 15, Tea Party Republicans are more likely to be males who are born-again or evangelical.

The connection between the political/Republicans and the religious right makes sense given the fixed beliefs of righteousness.

GOP pandering to the religious right is just one of those facts of American public life, like climate change denial and creationism in schools, that leave secular Americans lamenting the decline of the country, and of reason and logic.

This year, Glenn (Lunatic) Beck is involved. That should tell you something right there. Just in time for the presidential election cycle. And who do you imagine would benefit if the pulpit bullies get their way?

Two Republican candidates in particular: Reagan wannabe Rick Perry, and Michele Bug Eyes Bachmann. They both would presumably benefit from some pulpit politics on Sunday, since they have been courting Christian conservatives slavishly.

Vote: Should churches be allowed to campaign?

Rev. James Garlow, senior pastor at Skyline Church in La Mesa, Calif. - who led preachers in the battle to pass California’s Proposition 8, which banned same-sex marriage - said he planned to outline where the candidates stood on various issues and then discuss what the Bible said about those issues.

Then it’s time for the role call from Heaven as the preacher points out who his flock should vote for.

I call this special day – Political Pimps in the Pulpit.

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