Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year to my clueless competition!

I want to personally thank all the clowns that are running for president in 2012.

Without you (I’ll name names in a  moment) this would have been a boring presidential campaign and I wouldn’t have stood a chance in hell of being elected president.

Now thanks to the following cast of clowns I sense victory in November!


Gov. Rick Perry –

who recently endorsed making English the official language of the United States.

Pastor Rick has provided a lot of foot-in-mouth moments.


Michele Bachmann -

Recently lost two campaign staffers (who defected to other candidates with a chance) and was greeted by 15 people (including kitchen staff) at a restaurant during her tour of Iowa.

ronpaul          Ron Paul -

The lunatic fringe still loves him. Can you blame them? This is the guy who says Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme and that we don’t need police or any other safety nets in society like Medicare, welfare, or unemployment.


mitt-romney-is-two-faced       Mitt Romney -

Did Mitt hire illegal immigrants to take care of his lawn? The answer is yes, which made him a prime target for his competitors in recent debates.

But mighty Mitt is really known as a first-class flip-flopper, and will gladly tell people whatever they want to hear. That doesn’t mean he’ll ever follow up on his promises, but his smile looks kinda presidential.

newt-clown            Newt Gingrich -

Personally, I find Newt to be the most entertaining of the group.

Here’s a guy who doesn’t know how to stay married because he likes to cheat on his wife, telling people he takes the high road in life.

Too many Republicans remember when he practically destroyed the GOP when he was the Speaker of the House.

Rick Santorum -

Every time I think of Tricky Ricky I think about a sanatorium, a pejorative term for an insane asylum.

This is the man who says abortion should be banned and who doesn’t think women should have the right to choose. 

Jon Huntsman -

Despite dwelling in the cellar throughout his campaign, Huntsman believes the race is coming down to him and Romney.

A super PAC backing Jon Huntsman for president makes three misleading or false claims in a TV ad now running in New Hampshire.

If you don’t think there’s going to be any surprises in 2012, think again. For example, are you aware that hate-monger Pastor Terry Jones announced that he’s running for president?

No kidding! The crazy bastard will probably feel right at home debating with the gaggle of bums currently running.

I want to thank all of the people and blogs who support me and just remember…if you feel like real change…

Vote Dave in 2012!

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