Monday, January 2, 2012

Crusading Bachmann calls Occupy Protestors Obama’s Advance Team


Michele Bachmann is not going quietly into history as just another failed candidate for president.

Trailing in every poll, she has launched an all out effort to win the Iowa Caucus by doing her best Joan of Arc imitation and claiming God is on her side.


During remarks to supporters inside her campaign headquarters Saturday, Michele Bachmann linked President Barack Obama to a large protest that had been unfolding outside the building only minutes before.

"You may have seen all over Des Moines the Barack Obama re-election advance team is already out there in the various parking lots of all of the campaigns," Bachmann told about 70 volunteers.”

Obama’s advance team eh? She doesn’t get it. That advance team is the American public!

"This tells you that he is nervous," she continued.  "He doesn't want me on the stage. I want you to know, I'm not nervous. I'm fearless."

“The rhetoric signifies a heightened effort to paint Obama as out of touch, something the campaign acknowledges is an element of Bachmann's closing argument to voters three days before the Jan. 3 caucuses.”

Excuse me, but whose out of touch? If Bachmann was any more out of touch she’d be campaigning on another planet.

About 100 protesters from anti-Wall Street "Occupy" groups around the country descended on Bachmann’s headquarters Saturday, prompting campaign staff to lock the front doors and block the entrance.”

The irony of her campaign staff locking all doors can’t be ignored. The message is simple, Bachmann doesn’t give a damn what most Americans think. She’s counting on extremist wackos to take her to the Oval Office.

“Inside Bachmann manned the phones with volunteers. After she hung up with one caller (Bob), a volunteer urged her to ring the bell that signifies a voter won.”

In a moment out of “It’s a Wonderful Life” when ringing a bell meant an angel got their wings, a volunteer tried to capture that sentiment by comparing possible voters for Bachmann to angels.

I agree with one thing, it’s going to take divine help for Bachmann to win anything.  

"We’re going to ring it a couple times," Bachmann said to cheers, "because Bob is going to go on a recruiting mission."

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