Thursday, December 22, 2011

How air conditioning, prostitution, and raw milk could give Ron Paul problems

Ron Paul is coming under the microscope now that he is seen as having a real chance at winning Iowa.

Yesterday, the Texas congressman, who has the best organization in Iowa, was pressed on CNN about controversial statements attributed to him in a newsletter published 20-plus years ago. Some conservatives are now taking aim, with one columnist even comparing him to Jeremiah Wright, the controversial former Obama pastor.

But there are plenty of issues of substance -- and positions he holds today -- that, although they're consistent with Paul's libertarian views, are potentially problematic with the conservative base and the general electorate. Some examples:

No federal regulations for car safety, medicines, even air traffic control

Don’t regulate raw milk

Heroin, marijuana, cocaine, prostitution OK if states allow them

No air conditioning for troops (as a way to bring them home)


Against the Americans with Disabilities Act

Believes Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are unconstitutional

OK with prosecuting CIA for "war crimes”

OK with Iran having a nuclear weapon

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