Thursday, December 8, 2011

Perry promises to end war on Christianity


What a relief! We have a presidential candidate that is going to end the ruthless war against Christianity!

Finally all those attacks on Christians daring to openly wear the cross in public will cease.

No more profiling Christians on airplanes. No more hate talk against Christians. An end to the religious prosecution that Christian-Americans have endured.

Thank you God (the one and only true God that sent his son to suffer for our sins and not some pagan deity named Allah or Mohammad)…

“I'll end Obama's war on religion” Pastor Perry recently promised his flock. See video below:

I’m so happy that Perry is going to end the war against Christianity…

This is the part I don’t understand: WHAT WAR ON RELIGION?

Silly me, I wasn’t aware there was one, and that Christians were being thrown to the lions and tortured in secret prisons throughout the country.

Anyway, I hope Perry keeps making a fool of himself because that just makes my campaign stronger!

Vote for Dave in 2012.  

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