Friday, January 20, 2012

It was a jungle out there I tell ya!

imagesCA0082YYMitt Romney and Newt Gingrich did a lot of good simian posturing during South Carolina’s primary debate last night.

Newt (far right) ignored allegations he wanted his wife to be a “swinger” and that he divorced her when she wouldn’t go along with his nasty ass.

Romney (far left), meanwhile, had to defend his business record and answer questions as to why he wouldn't release his income tax records.

I’m telling you it was a jungle out there. You should have seen those monkeys making…well… monkeys out of each other!

Saint Rick Santorum (2nd from right) came out swinging and threw shit at the two frontrunners when they tried to ignore him. Santorum reminded Republican voters that Gingrich set the party back a decade with the damage he inflicted as House Speaker.

As for Romney (the Mormon cult leader) Saint Santorum made it clear he was recently sanctified by God and 150 wealthy evangelicals and if the voters loved the one and true God they would vote for him.

Meanwhile, Ron Paul (2nd from left) was woken up several times after falling off his tree limb while waiting for an opportunity to speak.

The Florida primary is coming up Monday night and I hear each candidate is going to have to stay in his own cage and promise not to throw poop at each other. There’s been enough monkey shenanigans for the month and the GOP is trying hard to hold on to some dignity.

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  1. Obviously you didn't get the word , Newt has forgiven himself of his misdeeds. In his eyes he has a clean clackboard, supported by the folks at the South Carolina’s primary debut.

    These folks hate Obama, and they are showing the world how racist they are. Newt is going to the big league .... and will confirm how much we need Obama. I want my Social Security, VA benefits, stop trade with China, socialized medical and dental care, and a safety net for my fellow citizens.

    Written by an American Citizen, and Vietnam Veteran


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