Thursday, January 19, 2012

Perry chooses not to go down with the Alamo

Presidential wannabe, John Wayne inspired Rick Perry, has done something his hero the Duke would never have considered: he surrendered.

Perry said it was time for him to make a "strategic retreat," and dropped out of the race. Just like that.

He left the Super PAC and his campaign staff at the Alamo and slithered over the north wall and disappeared somewhere into the Texas wastelands.

All of the defenders who stood by Perry are re-thinking their positions. They were left behind to make excuses for their swaggering, Stetson-wearing, hero with old fashioned values who had a habit of putting his boot in his mouth during debates.

He can forget about being a conservative icon like one of his heroes Ronald Reagan. He stirred about as much interest for voters as a sick calf. Images of him riding his horse to victory are gone. Replaced by a man who was exposed as the most clueless of all the GOP candidates riding a Jackass into the sunset. 

They just don’t make westerns like they use to…

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