Thursday, January 26, 2012

Newt-mentum promises a colony on the moon if elected

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Well… here’s a novel way to get people to vote for you:

Newt Gingrich promised Wednesday to create a moon colony by 2020 if elected president.

And don’t you know it? We REALLY NEED a colony on the moon.

Forget about the rapidly disappearing middle class in the country, or the millions of Americans going bankrupt because of medical costs, or losing their homes. Hell no!

That’s not important to the man who seeks to be our next president. In the eye of the Newt we need to have a colony of minimum wage workers mining the moon for whatever.

And people wonder why I’m running for president. I’m no more a joke that Newt Boy or the rest of the candidates seeking that office.

I’m concerned that Newt’s vision of no-tax labor outsourced from the moon will be the new business model by Conservatives interested in space exploitation exploration in the future.

NASA will have to put ads on the Space ships that will shuttle slaves workers to the new business frontier in the stars.

Welcome to Newt’s vision for the future if he’s elected.


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