Friday, January 27, 2012

Pssst Mitt! There’s this little matter of you hiding millions of dollars overseas…

King Midas had nothing on Mitt Romney.

Now Mitt Romney would like to be your king president. By disclosing just part of his wealth (here in the USA) he tried to quiet his critics who knew he had more gold somewhere.

Sure enough. There was this little matter of not reporting a multi-million dollar Swiss bank account last year when he decided to run for president.

The Swiss bank account - as well as other offshore investments in the Cayman Islands, Bermudas and Ireland that appear in the trust fund's tax returns -- were not disclosed in Romney’s financial disclosure form filed with the Office of Government Ethics last August.

Oops! No wait. That’s Perry.

What brought this subject up anyway? The tax returns released by the Romney campaign this week showed that the Ann Romney Blind Trust had reported $1,783 in interest income from a bank account held at UBS in Switzerland in 2010.

A hidden Swiss bank account? Don’t jump to conclusions R. Bradford Malt, a longtime lawyer for the Romneys, told NBC News.

A Romney campaign official emailed today that Romney’s financial disclosure form is now being amended with the government ethics office “to address this minor discrepancy” and “to deal with some other minor issues.”

Oh thanks goodness. A minor discrepancy like not declaring untold millions in overseas accounts could have hindered his bid to be king president. Nice to see that was taken care of.

I’m thinking about asking Romney how and why some of his multiple overseas investments were made in the first place? I also have to ask him how he could forget about all of that money when he signed those ethics forms last August?

A brain fart perhaps?

Malt said he opened up the Swiss bank account, holdings in which are valued at between $1 million and $5 million, in 2003 on behalf the Ann Romney trust in order to provide “international currency diversification” for the trust's holdings.

WTF? International currency diversification? Isn’t that just another name for money laundering? He then shut it down in early 2010 and transferred the assets to the United States where he forgot to report it. Oops!

It was a “clerical error” his lacky Malt claimed while fixing it by filing an amendment to shut up those pesky financial questions. Including the ones that go back to 2007.

There’s one more thing Romney needs to address beside that Swiss bank account.

The Ann Romney blind trust also reported income from shares in offshore companies such as Barricuda Investments Ltd. in Ireland, Castle Garden Funding in the Cayman Islands, and Sankaty High Yield Assets Investors Ltd. in Bermuda.

Yup. Romney’s a businessman and a wannabe king. No wonder the Republican Party is investing in him. The returns for their loyalty will probably be stock in his many business ventures!

And he wants to run the biggest business in the world – The United States of America.

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