Friday, January 6, 2012

No more politicians, NH eatery owner says

My new hero is Jermey Colby (pictured right). You may not have heard about him, but he speaks for most Americans when he said he’s had it with politicians and won’t even let them come into his eatery!

I love it! I wish Colby was running for President. I’d suspend my campaign and support him if he did. America…meet Jermey Colby:

“A New Hampshire restaurant owner says he is so fed up with the flurry of GOP presidential candidates at his Portsmouth eatery that he put up his own 2012 slogan: "No Politicians, No Exceptions."

For months, politicians, their staff and news media have stormed New Hampshire restaurants during the campaign for the White House.

Seeing no sign of easing until the Jan. 10 presidential primary, Jermey Colby, owner of Colby's Breakfast & Lunch, said he had to do something to end the circus inside his small business located near the Massachusetts border.

“There is no forewarning and all of a sudden they come in and we are overrun by cameras and blah, blah and blah,” Colby said. “We’re trying to run a business here and this whole meet-and-greet and vote for me deal is very distractive and disruptive, not only to our staff but to our customers.

"It’s hard and I find it very rude," he said. Visits from Texas Governor Rick Perry and former presidential candidate Michele Bachmann sealed the deal to slap the sign on the door, he said.

“We just had had enough.”

(This story was first reported by CBSBoston.)

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