Saturday, January 7, 2012

Obama vs Romney–are you kidding? It won’t even be close


Some good economic news: Over 200,000 jobs were added last month according to the Labor Department. This lowers the unemployment rate to 8.5% which is the lowest it has been in almost two years.

There have now been 21 consecutive months of private sector job growth.

President Obama may be able to be reelected even without good economic news because his most likely opponent, Mitt Romney, is a known liar with questionable character and a tax plan at odds with the vast majority of Americans want. Romney is also a serial flip-flopper who will seemingly say anything to get elected (even that he’s a “progressive” — which Glenn Beck has turned into a dirty word among Tea Party types.)

But certainly with a good economy at his back in November of 2012 President Obama would be nearly unbeatable.

No wonder so many voters think that the Republicans are trying to sabotage the economy on purpose to hurt Obama politically.

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  1. Regardless who wins the Republican Primary, Obama wins term two. I'm not sure I've seen an assemblage of the un-electable paraded before the public such as this in my lifetime. Dave, you hit it all right on the head. From the outset the top priority of the Republican leadership has been to thwart any and all legislative action by the President. It's never been about working out the issues that confront our nation it's about the accrual and maintenance of power. Thank you for linking to my blog, I'm quite flattered that as an established writer and publisher, you found something of interest in my writing. Really, thank you your input is the first I've had outside of friends and family, I'm grateful.


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