Monday, January 9, 2012

Romney: a look at what GOP voters are settling for in the polls

Mitt Romney’s time as a “job cremator” at Bain Capital is the topic of this video from an anti-Romney PAC called Winning Our Future:

Romney feels what it’s like to be attacked by a Super Pac…

Mitt Romney Admits He Doesn’t Know The Constitution

In last night’s GOP debate Mitt Romney admits he doesn’t know the constitution and asked the moderator to ask Ron Paul instead:

Despite being clueless about what’s in the Constitution, Romney thinks he should be the President of the United States

Other Romney News:

1. Mitt Romney avoids paying his taxes by using offshore bank accounts.

2. DNC chair says Romney is a “job cremator.”

3. At age 19 Romney demonstrated for the draft.

ABC News Story on Romney’s Offshore Bank Accounts

Can you imagine having a president who avoids taxes by using offshore accounts?

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