Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Being sane is a plus when running for president

Jon Huntsman can lay claim to being the only sane GOP candidate. I said that last year, and people are saying it today.

Even the Democrats concede he would be a viable challenger based upon the fact that he doesn’t think he’s God anointed messenger or that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.

His efforts might finally be paying off. After failing for months to gain much momentum, there are signs voters are moving towards Huntsman, a shift driven by his strong weekend debate performances, a looming primary deadline and undecided voters who are breaking his way late.



A coolness factor that his campaign managers should be looking at is a make-over…

How about a retro look?

This old rock & roll photo of Jon from yesteryear would be just the ticket for attracting younger voters (think VH1 Classic Nation).   



Another thing Huntsman has going for him is his temperament and centrist tone. Being a former ambassador gives him foreign chops that none of his competition can equal.

Sarah Neville, a New Hampshire native who attends Tufts University and is a Huntsman volunteer recently said (see Huntsman supporters look for a breakout in New Hampshire):

“When I post on about Facebook about Jon Huntsman, my liberal friends are like, ‘Yeah, you know, Huntsman’s the only candidate who’s not completely crazy!’”

We’ll have to see how Huntsman does today with the Independent voters in New Hampshire, but if he manages to come in among the top three candidates look for him to be the next “anti-Romney” and the flavor of the month.

I’m just saying…

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