Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saint Santorum:can you spell h-y-p-o-c-r-i-t-e ?

Santorum_blessing_iconHere’s something to consider when you hear Saint Santorum speak:

He’s a damn hypocrite.

One example:

Santorum pushed to limit malpractice awards but sought larger payout for wife

This is just the latest example. He’s also homophobic.

Saint Santorum’s sanctimonious ramblings have the rabid right hoping he’ll cleanse the nation of any non-Christians if elected president.

“Rick Saint Santorum clearly sees homosexuality for what the Bible, Rome, Bob Jones University and even Salt Lake City have always regarded it, as a very serious form of sexual sin like adultery or incest,” the Rev. Huey Mills, a Lancaster pastor and principal of a Christian school, recently told the press.

Apparently Saint Santorum’s feverish hatred of homosexuals is striking just the right note for the Christian Right in the South.

I’d say Saint Santorum’s mission is pretty clear, wouldn’t you? He sounds like the right puppet person for the unification of religion in the USA. There would be no ambiguity about what the one true religion was: Christianity.

The rest of the religions would be rightfully ran out of the country - and America would be great again – thanks to Saint Santorum.

And he wants to be your president. How do you feel about that?


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