Monday, February 13, 2012

Gary Johnson: Keep an eye on this guy

Gary Johnson.

Keep an eye on this guy.

I suggested early on (in this blog) that Gary Johnson was one of the few sane candidates running for president that might be a good choice for voters – other than me, of course.  

He’s finally made his move: the former New Mexico governor earned his first win in a statewide Libertarian presidential race Saturday. The best move he’s made yet in his bid to become president was leave the polarized Republican Party and join the Libertarians.

A Libertarian candidate has never received more than 1 percent in a U.S. presidential election. Is this the year the record is broken? Is Johnson mainstream enough to attract unhappy liberal and conservative voters to his ranks?

I think  this is a prime time for Independents (like myself) to make a serious showing. Disenfranchised voters from the GOP and The Democrats are going to go somewhere.

Can you remember another presidential election in modern times (19th century) where there was a worse lineup of candidates? I sure can’t.

Mind you, I’m not endorsing my competition here, but I have to admit picking Gary Johnson makes a lot of sense. It wouldn’t hurt you to research what he’s done as a politician – keeping in mind that action trumps all rhetoric.


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