Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Republicans should vote for me

Are Republican voters giving up on the brand this early in the election process?

What’s going on? They’re continuing to show up in small numbers at the voting booths.

Mitt Romney barely beat Ron Paul in the GOP Maine caucuses/circus yesterday.

But the big news once again was the abysmal turnout numbers as very few Republican voters appeared to be enthusiastic about idea of any of the four remaining candidates becoming President.

There were less than 6,000 votes in the Maine GOP caucuses. No, Maine is not a huge state but there are 1.3 million people who live there.

To further put this in perspective: Out of 1.3 million people in Maine Mitt Romney got about 2,000 votes.

In every state but South Carolina turnout numbers for Republicans have been lower than they were in 2008 (and that year things didn’t turn out so well for them in the general election.)

For all you Republicans who are thinking of not voting in the upcoming presidential campaign because of the lack of sane candidates…Wait!

Just hold on there Happy!

Your vote is important to me. To your country.

Cast it for me, and I’ll guarantee I’ll do better than Romney!

Vote for Dave this November.

This ad message was vetted by Dave because his campaign manager ( a chimp who works for bananas) said it was an open and transparent thing to do.


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