Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The pundits are wrong! There is still a Knight in Shining White armor ready to ride for the conservatives

After Mitt Romney’s narrow win in Michigan, some pundits believe he’s going to be the GOPs champion – ready to joust with that peasant Obama, aka “The Black Knight.”

I don’t think so. Romney will get unhorsed the first time they joust in a national debate. However, don’t despair Republicans everywhere…


Here’s your Knight in Shining White just waiting for someone to notice him!!!!!

Yep. Sir Jeb Bush of the Royal House of the Texas Bush dynasty. Now tell me this won’t turn on the despairing GOP voters with a sense of history?

imagesCAJS2493 I can see Daddy Bush’s point. Why not?

Wouldn’t Sir Jeb be better than a Mormon cult member who would surely take up a crusade against Christians in power?

You tell them your majesty George the First!

We need to get back to the days when the Democrats were put in their proper places.

Those were the days when all good patriots called out the Democraps for being liberal subversives with Communistic, Marxist, and other non-American agendas. Without the Royal House of Bush we would never have conquered those Muslim countries, Iraq and Afghanistan.imagesCAAZC2P6

Our Crusaders spread fear far and wide during those heady days of the GOP Monarchy.

So don’t despair Republicans. Your White Knight is ready (with very little coaxing) to mount his charger and start tilting at the tournaments remaining before November.   

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