Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Imagine if Obama was hiding his money offshore like “Richie Rich” Mitt Romney!

What would happen if Obama did this?

The flap over Mitt Romney's millions and offshore accounts have died down somewhat as his supporters try valiantly to defuse the touch of dishonesty surrounding cries of tax evasion, capital venture investments, and his huge net worth. In fact, they claim overseas accounts is not tax evasion for it was perfectly within the limits of the law to send your money on a vacation.

The last time I checked we had sufficient big banks within America's shores that are capable of handling Romney's many millions. So there has to be a reason for hording all that money in the sunny Caribbean Cayman Islands and frosty Zürich, Switzerland.

The former Massachusetts Governor and Bain Capital Exec. says storing his money in foreign accounts, with nondescript P.O. Box numbers, is legal according to 'Uncle Sam.' That might be right, but why go to the trouble to send his money on such a long journey if it didn't benefit him in a big way? Moreover, if Romney wants to be leader of the U.S. shouldn't he practice what he preaches? How is he going to reform the tax codes if they have worked so well for his bottom line? How is he going to ask Americans to sacrifice, while he is using every loophole on the books to line his already padded pockets?

Romney was heard on the campaign trail ridiculing the President for playing golf while he and the 'masses' were left out in the cold. That attempt to align himself with the ordinary folks was so laughable, I was embarrassed for him. I wonder how many rounds of golf he played in his lifetime. Raking in $21 million in one year while playing 13 percent taxes on the entire sum--and all this from investments, not an actual job--does not qualify him to insinuate anyone is elite. He eats elite for breakfast. Just saying. but I digress, sorry--back to the question.

Could you imagine if President Obama had offshore accounts? What would the GOP reaction be? Candidate Mitt Romney now accuses Obama Of corruption--all this on top of flippantly admitting that his wife "drives a couple of Cadillacs". Can somebody say first look in the mirror? The man is obviously woefully out of touch with most American's reality, including those who are supporting him.

His latest accusatory finger at the President smacks of the usual disingenuousness rampant among Republicans throughout Obama's 'tenure.' Romney is calling the auto bailout corrupt because he feels it was more political than economic and that the President paid off the United Auto Workers (UAW).

While he is criticizing the president's move, he and his wife drive several cars and he stashes his millions in offshore bank accounts during one of the worse economies since the Great Depression.

So patriotic, honest, with job creation and repairing the U.S. economy uppermost on his agenda, right?



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