Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mass political suicide: GOP goes after women’s rights

Up until now, the GOP primary candidates have just been embarrassing themselves in a name-calling melee that hasn’t captured much confidence among voters.

They’ve taken turns shooting themselves in the foot, cutting their noses off to spite their faces, and back pedaling from old gaffes.

In the race for the Republican nomination, Mitt “Richie Rich” Romney, Saint Santorum, Eye-of-the-Newt Gingrich, and Ron “Ponzi Scheme” Paul, have all underwhelmed voters. But, they weren’t making major mistakes until their ill-advised war on women!

Really! How can anyone be that stupid? It happened when Right Wing luminary, and mega mouth, Rush Limbaugh decided to make contraception a campaign issue and to go after women’s rights.

Beside the fact that issue has been hashed over and settled a long time ago, the attacks have been surprisingly personal and misplaced. The highlight of course was Rush calling a woman a “slut” for seeking health care insurance that would cover her contraception costs.

Not to be out done, Mitt and Sanctimonious have also decided what women should do with their bodies. Sanctimonious, backed up by the Catholic Church, is prepared to turn women’s rights back to the stone ages if given the chance.

Then there’s Mitt’s moronic notions about contraception and magic undergarments (or something like that), and being a loyal Mormon who wants to reproduce like bunnies on meth. The last thing he wants is for women to have a choice about child bearing. Even if they were raped, or it was incest.

Gingrich has been putting his two-cents in on the issue, but no one takes him seriously after being married several times. Religious types frown on that kind of activity you know.


And then there’s Ron Paul. In a show of cleverness, he’s had very little to say on the subject of contraception, but plenty on Social Security being a Ponzi Scheme. When one campaign staffer reminded Paul the current issue was women’s right’s, he looked blankly at them and said, “You mean they haven’t given up yet?”

The cumulative effect should be showing up at the polls soon. Piss off women, and it doesn’t matter which party they belong to, your going to galvanize a backlash that will be a candidate’s nightmare.

Meanwhile, Barry is taking advantage of the GOPs mass suicide wish, and is courting the ladies.

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