Monday, March 5, 2012

Primary season has been hell for the GOP

You almost have to feel sorry for Republicans this year. They’ve never had a more uninspiring group of presidential candidates.

The primaries thus far have become like the Bataan Death March – more painful to watch every day. Every time the frontrunner, Mitt “Richie Rich” Romney, opens his mouth he further distances himself from the average American.

The polls are telling the story:

“Four in 10 of all adults say the GOP nominating process has given them a less favorable impression of the Republican Party, versus just slightly more than one in 10 with a more favorable opinion.

Additionally, when asked to describe the GOP nominating battle in a word or phrase, nearly 70 percent of respondents – including six in 10 independents and even more than half of Republicans – answered with a negative comment.

Some examples of these negative comments from Republicans: "Unenthusiastic," "discouraged," "lesser of two evils," "painful," "disappointed," "poor choices," "concerned," "underwhelmed,” “uninspiring” and “depressed.”

And perhaps most significantly, the GOP primary process has taken a toll on the Republican presidential candidates, including front-runner Mitt Romney, who is seen more unfavorably and whose standing with independents remains underwater.” (Source)

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