Friday, March 9, 2012

Romney continues to underwhelm voters–some eye Daffy Duck as a better alternative


Okay… so Super Tuesday wasn’t so “super” for Republican front-runner Mitt “Richie Rich” Romney.

Despite his support from the Republican establishment, Mitt’s overwhelming cash advantage, and frequent mistakes by his less than impressive challengers, Mitt can’t seem to close the deal on the Republican nomination that was supposed to be his a long time ago.

It’s downright embarrassing. He’s actually having trouble buying the nomination.

Some desperate Republicans are looking at Daffy Duck as a viable contender, as he has more personality, name recognition, and a better chance of being elected than Mitty in November.

Daffy is said to be considering their offer. These are indeed troubled times for the GOP, as Daffy may pass on the offer and leave them stuck with Mitt.


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