Thursday, April 19, 2012

Conservatives seeking any high ground, as long as a Republican gets elected

Who would Jesus vote for? My guess is it would NOT be a Republican, despite the sanctimonious high ground the GOP is trying to project.  

Not all evangelicals are conservatives, there is a strong contingent whose faith has led them to focus on issues of poverty and environmental protection, but let’s face it…most are.

They had a champion in Rick Santorum, but he bowed out of the race. Most evangelicals are suspicious of Romney's Mormonism, but, when it comes down to a choice in November, they’ll vote for him.

They’ll just accommodate their religious views to political considerations and vote for the man who talks about cutting taxes, sending illegal immigrants packing and chopping programs for the poor… Mitt Romney.

What the Bible has to say on those issues will not matter much at all.

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