Friday, April 6, 2012

‘Mr. Inevitable’ has to think about picking a VP

It’s just about over.

I hear the Conservative fat man dressed up like a lady singing...warbling more like…a song of victory for Romney.

“Richie Rich” also known as, “Mr. Inevitable,” because he was the only candidate that wasn’t bat shit crazy in the primary, needs to think about who he wants for his sidekick in the Oval office if he somehow wins.

For better or worse, “Richie Rich” is going to be trotted out to represent the Republican Party in July. I’ve heard there’s dozens of possibilities for a VP, but no one is standing out yet.

Not an easy task when you consider he has to think about adding someone bat-shit crazy to get that wackaloon Right vote that’s been spurning him for Santorum.

I think – remember you heard it here first – Mitt’s going to want a VP who wears “magic underwear” like him! I mean please…those Mormons stick together. What do you expect? They’re no worse than the Catholics, or the Tea Party brethren.

I know one thing, everyone is telling Mitt to be careful and not pick a Palin! She thinks Mitt should pick someone like her to shake up the party. The Republican Party is still trying to recover from that blunder. I hear McCain still has nightmares with her in them.

So who should Mitt pick? Gee, I’m just not sure. Who do you think Mr. Inevitable should buddy up with? This is a tough one.


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