Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Mr. Inevitable sweeps primaries - Republicans settle for last man standing


Mr. Inevitable (the richest of the candidates) Mitt Romney swept Tuesday’s primaries.

He didn’t waste anytime spewing his general election pitch, insisting the upcoming campaign will be about the "very different visions" he and President Obama have for the country.

He’s right about different visions. Romney’s includes garages with elevators, numerous mansions, and making a profit. His American dream.

Obama’s American Dream is scaled back to include the poor, and middle class. Obama had to get a student loan to get through college. Romney’s way to college was paid the moment he was born.

Two different worlds. But both still full of rhetoric.

What are voters to do? Obama can’t keep his promises. I’m afraid if Romney were elected, he would keep his promises!

Anyone listening to them knows that if Mitt makes the Oval Office it’s going to be a national holiday for the wealthy!

Your best choice? Pick me. Vote Dave for President in November!

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