Monday, April 30, 2012

Rep. Allen West: Dems collect his stupid quotes

Democrats don’t like Rep. Allen West. They think he’s a lunatic. They also think Romney might tap him for VEEP. I kind of doubt it. Even Mitt has to be wondering about his sanity.

And that was before his recent speculation that about 80 House Democrats are communists.

How badly do his opponents want to take him down?

The Palm Beach Post reports that at least three organizations regularly assign video trackers to West events to capture his remarks and a liberal PAC has gone so far as to open an office in his district as part of its effort to knock him off.

George Bennett reports in the Post on Politics blog:

A liberal PAC is opening a “Take Down Allen West Headquarters” in Palm Beach Gardens as part of its efforts to oust 10 House Republicans around the U.S.

San Francisco-based Credo SuperPAC, which has four paid staffers working on anti-West efforts, is one of at least three organizations that regularly sends video trackers to West events to capture comments like West’s recent declaration that between 78 and 81 House Democrats are members of the Communist Party.

The PAC has raised about $1.2 million. Its largest contributor is Oregon author and Barack Obama campaign money-raiser Win McCormack, who gave $125,000.

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