Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Newt and Sanctimonious will eventually back Romney – for a price


Rick Santorum wants to ensure the GOP's policy platform represents conservatives' interests. Newt Gingrich wants help retiring his campaign debt and repairing his reputation.

Both don’t like Romney. But both realize he’s beaten them. Ricky really hates Romney and is dragging his feet about a public endorsement out of sheer spite.


Newt wants money – basically a bribe from Romney – for his endorsement of Mr. Inevitable. The only thing he accomplished during his campaign (where he had two staffs quit on him) was to sell his latest book at every campaign stop.

It’s time for a reality check for Newt and Sanctimonious. They both need to suck up to Richie Rich and to hold hands with the rest of the GOP who are backing him.

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