Friday, May 25, 2012

Astounding Hypocrisy of the Anti-Obama “Justice for Sale” Ad

The right wing American Future Fund is running an ad accusing President Obama of not going after Wall Street hard enough called “Justice for Sale.” Here it is:

It’s a case of the pot calling the kettle black…

The hypocrisy of this attack is so blindingly obvious that it feels unnecessary to point it out. The Republicans accusing Obama of being in bed with Wall Street and appointing Wall Street friendly people to his administration? This is just ludicrous coming from the GOP.

While a strong argument can be made that Wall Street essentially owns both major political parties, this is surely not an argument where the Republicans come out looking better. Everything that President Obama and the Democrats have tried to do to reign in some of the abuses of Wall Street has been blocked by the GOP. (And now that they have control of the House they are trying to roll back what was able to be done.)

This ad is not meant to do anything but depress liberal voters so that the right wingers can win the elections and put in people who are even more favorable to Wall Street.

The people behind this ad have made a calculation: They think you’re stupid enough that this ridiculously hypocritical ad is going to cause you not to vote for President Obama (or … vote for Mitt Romney because he’s going to go after Wall Street?!? it’s too laughable to consider.)

The end goal of the people behind this ad is exactly the opposite of the the perspective of the ad. They want to make liberals mad Obama isn’t doing enough to stop Wall Street injustices (while the bigger problem is actually the Republicans who stand in the way of everything he has tried to do) so that they can get a Republican White House (and House & Senate, most likely) so we can go back to the good ol’ days of George W. Bush that lead to the greatest economic collapse since 1929. (Source)

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