Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bullshit factors ramping up for summer on Capitol Hill

“The distinction between legislating and politicking will blur even more this summer on Capitol Hill, as House Republicans lay out a laundry list of priorities largely intended to set the stage for this fall’s election.

Votes taken by the House are set for this summer, and very few of the proposals are likely to pass through the House or become law. The period between late June and the yearly August recess will be dominated by pillars of the GOP's re-election effort: energy, taxes, and regulations.

Republicans will push legislation to expand energy exploration after Father's Day, just as the driving season kicks into high gear for motorists and gas prices are set to explode.”

In other words, the usual gridlock in Congress is going to continue but there’s going to be a lot more hot air blown about worthy bills that neither side will pass.

This bullshit approach is meant to somehow make our sorry lawmakers seem credible to voters by actually looking at issues before ignoring them with nay votes.

It’s going to be a long hot summer in America.

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