Saturday, May 5, 2012

Florida Governor turns down Mayor’s request to temporally ban concealed weapons downtown during RNC

Florida Gov. Rick Scott

Florida Gov. Rick Scott  approval rating, according to a recent Public Policy Polling survey, is 34%. Some of that discontent has come from tea partyers, who have grumbled, among other things, about Scott's failure to champion an Arizona-style illegal immigration crackdown in the Sunshine State.

This last week he got a chance to show he’s a true tea party puppet by championing the 2nd Amendment right to bear concealed arms and telling Mayor Buckhorn to “buck up” and get with the program.

“In Tampa, site of the 2012 Republican National Convention in August, Democratic Mayor Bob Buckhorn this week asked the governor to issue an executive order banning concealed weapons throughout his downtown during the convention, according to the Tampa Bay Times. (The Secret Service will already ban guns in the city's convention center and in the a perimeter surrounding the building.)

Scott goes on to ask why Buckhorn thinks that disarming law-abiding citizens would protect them from the threats posed by violent anti-government protesters, and wraps up with a civics lesson.”

Let me see now; so Gov. Scott wants to be prepared for anti-government protestors (does he know something we don’t?) by encouraging people to carry concealed weapons which they can safely use in Florida – especially with it’s controversial “Stand Your Ground Law.”

Any group that dares to disrupt this convention with civil protests are going to have to be prepared to dodge bullets from concerned tea party devotees who’ll feel threatened by them!

I think we need to give Florida a new nickname – the “Sunshine State” doesn’t get it any more. They need something more representative of the current laws: like The “Shoot ‘em State” or “The Gun Lover’s State.”

The tea party contingent can even modify their favorite flag “Don’t Tread On Me” to read, “I Carry a Gun So Don’t Screw With Me!”

Simply put, Florida is the perfect place for the GOP Convention this year.  



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