Sunday, May 6, 2012

Like it or not – Obama can’t just say no Joe

Let’s make one thing perfectly clear…when it come to Vice President Joe Biden you can see the wheel moving, but there’s no doubt the hamster is dead!

Biden is Obama’s albatross. The monkey on his back. His cross to bear. The court jester. And his running mate for re-election.

It just wouldn’t be nice to say, “Sorry Joe, but I need someone with brains the second time around.” Just because Osama bin Laden didn’t want Biden assassinated (He wanted Obama’s head) because he figured he was so clueless he’d run the country aground, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give old Joe some love.

So what if his mouth moves before his brain is engaged 90 percent of the time? He’s a nice guy. But God help us all if someone wastes Obama and he takes over as the leader of the free world! That there is a scary thought.

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