Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RNC: Latinos temporally okay - until after the election of course

We’re now in the phase where the Republican Party is going to be courting the Latino vote.

No doubt, the GOP is hoping most Latinos don’t remember their record of doing absolutely nothing for them. If anything, the informed Latino voter will be wanting anyone rather than a Republican. The Elephant Party has hounded them like dogs in states like Arizona, Florida, Texas, Nevada, Colorado, and California.

But with the election just six months away, the Republican National Committee’s Hispanic Outreach Director Bettina Inclan told reporters at a briefing Tuesday that the RNC has just begun its effort to find and persuade Latinos to vote for Romney and the rest of the Republican ticket in six crucial states.

The RNC has “a lot of specific data” on who they have to reach out to. Just don’t ask them about specifics.

I think this will be a very amusing phase of outreach for the RNC, as tea party lunatics try to incorporate the same people they’d rather didn’t live in the USA into their cause.

Can’t you just see the “conversations” between those Latinos who have to show ID’s in America because of conservatives and the RNC? Imagine the dialogue. There’s some good comedy material there for sure.



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