Thursday, May 10, 2012

Obama barely edges incarcerated criminal in West Virginia democratic primary

I’m going to make a wild prediction for the upcoming presidential election; West Virginia is going to go to with Mitt “Richie Rich” Romney  in November.

Too early to tell? West Virginia Democrats made their feeling pretty clear about Obama…41 percent of them would rather vote for a federal prisoner serving 17 years – Keith Judd (shown above) – than him.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but no surprise as West Virginia traditionally elects Democrats to statewide office, that are culturally conservative.

I guess they feel a criminal holds their conservative values at heart, which hardly speaks well for the voting population.

West Virginia’s relatively poor residents rely heavily on pork projects from the government, as well as programs like Medicare and Medicaid.

Even though many factors would seem to point toward support for Obama, the president has just simply never been popular there.

One of the few areas in 2008 where McCain improved over past elections was Appalachia, an area that overlaps heavily with West Virginia's population.

Somewhere in the deep forests of West Virginia I hear “Dueling Banjos,” playing at fundraisers.


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