Friday, May 11, 2012

Romney’s history of bullying people is a poor resume for someone who wants to be president


Once a bully, always a bully…

Recent stories in the Washington Post expose part of Romney’s personality that may surprise some people.

He was a bully in high school. It’s not clear if he stopped being a bully in college, but there’s no reason not to think he continued his punk ass ways.

Born with a silver spoon firmly implanted in his chops, Romney has always had the best money could buy. He’s use to being dominate and having his own way. His intolerance of the way people look, or their sexual orientation, has been documented:  

“A Washington Post story, by Jason Horowitz, detailed a 1965 incident, witnessed by at least five Cranbrook high school students, in which Romney, reportedly incensed by the dyed blond locks of a fellow student, led what the Post described as a “posse” of students in a charge against the boy, threw him to the ground and hacked off his hair. “He can’t look like that,” Romney told a close friend at the time. “That’s wrong. Just look at him!”

No one was punished for the incident, according to a number of witnesses, who the Post tracked down and interviewed.

The Post also detailed incidents in which Romney said “Atta girl,” in class to a closeted gay student, and deliberately held a door closed while an sight-impaired teacher walked into it.” (source)

These revelations about Romney are only the tip of the iceberg. The man who wants to lead the free world is nothing more than a wealthy punk ass bully who believes he can buy the presidency!

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