Monday, May 14, 2012

Voter option: sending ‘poop grams’ to candidates

Elephant pooping in Sri Lanka (© Jason Edwards/National Geographic/Getty Images)

Are you already sick of the shit-throwing going on during this presidential election?

Tired of watching partisan pachyderms and jackasses throwing feces at the wall and seeing what sticks?

It’s time you have a say in a very symbolic way:

Do you want to be proactive and let a candidate know what you really think about them and their policies and have $31.90 to spare? With just a few clicks, a gallon of elephant poop can be delivered to the candidate of your choice , courtesy of Poop Senders.

The website promises to send fresh cow, gorilla or elephant poop -- with an intriguing "Poop of the Month" option (might want to see if jackass is available) along with a card diabolically embedded in the poop, requiring messy removal, promising (and lying) to reveal the sender's name.

Pass the gas mask please…


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