Friday, June 29, 2012

First Contact: When the aliens call, who'll answer?

If an alien civilization does get in touch with us, who's in charge of figuring out what to do? I think this is an important matter that should be discussed among the American people.

No really. Stop your damn laughing for a  moment and listen.

“A new poll suggests that 77 percent of Americans think there's evidence that aliens have already visited Earth.

The same poll suggests most Americans think President Barack Obama would do a better job than presumptive GOP challenger Mitt Romney if we had to fight off an alien invasion.” (Source)

Based upon Obama’s willingness to deploy drones, I have to think he’d be more experienced than Romney at fighting off an invasion of flying saucers.

Seriously though folks, why does every scenario have the aliens landing at the White House and demanding to speak with the president?

What if an advance force landed at a Tea Party Rally and demanded to speak to their leader? When none came forth they’d figure all humans were screwing with them and would subsequently destroy the planet!




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