Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mission Impossible: Things Mitt would do if he were elected by some miracle

Queue the backround music: listen to the theme song from Mission Impossible (click here)…okay now read…

Mutt “The Flip Flop” Romney is trying to stoke those extreme conservative fires right now by basically claiming he’ll do all the things that the Conservatives have been having wet dreams about for decades.

He’s going to start by repealing ‘ObamaCare.’ (good luck with that Slappy!), and follow it up with:

* Seeking tax cuts for the rich (such a surprise);

* Approving the Keystone XL oil pipeline (I think Mutt is in for a shock on this one);

* Issuing more aggressive strictures for trade with China…after setting up select corporations to continue getting low sweat-shop prices;

* And seeking the repeal of “job-killing regulations” (the financial regulatory reform bill, Dodd-Frank, is an example Romney mentions frequently on the campaign trail)

* He’ll make English the official language in the U.S. and anyone speaking another language in public will be cited and taxed.

* Mutt says he will seek some type of comprehensive immigration reform – (I’m not even going there. Can you imagine what his definition of reform is? Hint, can you say interment camps?)

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