Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Kid Rock to perform at the RNC Convention: Wait till you hear him and Mitt rap about women!

Mitt Romney and Kid Rock are pictured. | AP PhotoIf president hopeful Mitt “Richie Rich” Romney looks surprised in this photo, it’s because he couldn’t believe how much money he had to pay to get second rate performer, Kid Rock, aka Corporate Rocker, to make noise at the upcoming RNC Convention.

Rumors are that he tried to get Fleetwood Mac, but they told him to ‘go fuck yourself.” Don’t worry though folks…can’t you just hear Mitt rapping with Rock Head instead?

Will he do "Cadillac Pussy" and dedicate it to Anne Romney?

"And to the ladies, if you are tired of the man on your fanny,
Then f--k you, go home, and watch the tube with granny...
Just look at all the girls that are dying to get some.
Man, just don't be a wussy, and I'll guarantee you could get a piece of p----".

Lyrics like those should do wonders for the dispelling the perception of the GOP's war on women!



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